Proud of where I am, proud of where I'm from.

I'm from Chicago, and grew up surrounded by some of the greatest examples of culture in the world, so it's only natural that I'd love Minneapolis. Live music. Good food. Great museums. Watching my friends do what they love. I'm all in.

I've always liked to break things to see how they parents were never as amused as I was...and shame what happened to my Simon game, but I was curious to see what made Simon work, beyond simply installing batteries and flipping the 'on' switch.

I'm still curious. I still want to learn and grow, and that's why I love design. A new client is a new opportunity to learn, and share in the passion that they have for their work.

What's Going On?

The majority of my projects have been with small businesses, and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn- that’s one of the things I love about web design, never-ending opportunities to learn. I self-published a book for my daughters that I wrote and illustrated, and have a second in development with more ideas all the time.

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