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The Run Down

AJ, a professional dog-walker and in-home pet sitter, needed a website to compliment his presence on Facebook. He believed that a good portion of the client base that he was trying to reach was not using social media, and he wanted something simple as a means of contact that would appear in search engine results. He was also interested in the site being mobile-friendly so clients and potential clients can reach out while on the go.

The Challenge

The challenge for this product was straightforward. Create a website to accompany the client’s presence on Facebook. The client had a growing client base, not all of whom uses social media, and he needed an other way for existing and potential clients to reach him. He wanted them to be able to reach him by email and phone, as well as provide access to his Facebook page. He was not interested in allowing clients to schedule online just yet.

What I Did

I kept it simple. All he needed was a single-page website with photos of AJ at work with pets, testimonials, as well as immediately available contact links. Mobile-friendly is a must.

How I Did It

I interviewed AJ to get a sense of what he wanted, and suggested certain things like the testimonials and links to social media. I conducted a bit of market research just to see what the competition was up to, and ultimately felt that a visually-driven experience was best to provide potential clients with a sense of who AJ is, why he’s trusted in his field, and most importantly how to contact him.

The Result

Everything is there that needs to be. After collecting some feedback from a few third-parties, the files have been delivered. I am standing by to see if the client would like my help in launch. The biggest challenge I faced with this one is the lack of involvement from the client himself, so I realized that regular feedback directly from him was not an option.

The Next Iteration

To be determined- once we launch, I can get feedback from AJ on how his business is growing. I mentioned online scheduling, which he was not interested in immediately but may be necessary as the business grows.

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